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I am a copy editor by training and calling. I work for the peer-reviewed science journal Astrobiology. Also, I have edited several books, including Roseburg 1959, Driving to Vernonia, and Newport Blues by George Byron Wright; Big Like: Cascade into an Odyssey and Testosterone Pit by Wolf Richter; and River in the Sun by Scott Richmond.

One gray Friday afternoon, a friend and I went browsing through a bookstore. We entered an alcove dedicated to Newbery medal-winning books. She suggested that we read all the Newbery winners, more than eighty books total. That is how it began. This blog features my responses to Newbery-winning books. Recently, I have begun to include other young adult books that friends recommend to me.

One gray Tuesday morning, I sat in a café sipping hot apple cider, in eager anticipation of my first graduate-level class. Many classes later, I have earned a Master of Science degree in Writing, with a concentration in Book Publishing. I will always hold a deep devotion to the publishing industry and to the craft of editing. This blog is also dedicated to discoveries about editing, publishing, and science (in line with my work as a science editor).

Now, this gray Monday morning (it is often gray where I live), I hope that you enjoy my blog.

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